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Employment & Training
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LIFT Dane is a collaboration between the Economic Justice Institute, Inc., the UW Law School's civil clinics, the Center for Patient Partnerships, Legal Action of Wisconsin, and the Employment and Training Association of Dane County. The purpose of LIFT Dane is to provide efficient, technology-driven legal assistance to clear civil legal barriers that are causing financial harm to Dane County households'.

LIFT Dane is developing a new Legal Tune Up Application for Smartphones and the Web. The application will use public data to help people determine if they are facing any problems that have a legal solution and help them resolve them efficiently.

The LIFT Dane Application will:

  • Provide user-friendly digital access to a legal tune up and self-help tools
  • Autofill forms for court filings
  • Direct people to free, in-person legal aid to help resolve their legal issues
  • Increase economic prosperity for Dane County residents by connecting participants to programs that can facilitate better jobs, housing, and healthcare

LIFT Dane's first legal initiative will help people with driver's license problems.

We are offering free legal pop-up clinics that can be set up at your organization’s offices.

Participants will meet one-on-one with volunteer attorneys for help with driver’s license-related issues including:

  • Reopening previous traffic ticket demerit points judgments
  • Reopening previous legal forfeitures or unpaid fines and fees cases
  • Understanding and addressing OWI-related barriers to obtaining a driver's license
  • Identifying and facilitating access to occupational driver’s licenses

When the App is fully built, LIFT Dane will be able to help with several areas. Until then, we can direct your clients or employees to community resources that assist with:

  • Child Support Arears - Aligning child support orders with ability to pay
  • Employment and Training - Help with job training and employment searches
  • Healthcare Debt Issues - Resolving billing disputes and managing medical Issues
  • Expungement - Reviewing and clearing up past arrest records

For More Information Please Contact:

Fred Lauing
LIFT Dane Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
Office: 1-608-242-4563