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Employment & Training
Association, Inc

Wisconsin Re-Entry Program

The WRP is a collaborative program established by the State of Wisconsin's Department of Corrections and Division of Hearings and Appeals, with the cooperation of the Wisconsin State Public Defender's office, Dane County District Attorney's office, Employment and Training Association, and the Dane County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council.

The WRP is voluntary and targets participants at high risk of reoffending while on supervision and who would benefit from the program’s intervention strategies and resources, which include a combination of treatment, education, job skills trainings and sanction alternatives in a supportive team atmosphere. Many of our participants are at the point that they want to change their lives, but do not necessarily have the resources to do so. Through programming, and a multi-disciplinary team approach, we attempt to motivate and encourage our participants to evaluate themselves and to work to make small life changes. Our belief is that by rewarding positive behavior, we may help facilitate and foster some of these changes. It is our hope that by rewarding this behavior, we will both encourage ongoing positive behavior by the recipient and also motivate those that are struggling to work even harder.

To date we have had 5 graduates who have maintained their sobriety, maintained long term employment and sustained their sobriety. One of our graduates has even become a successful entrepreneur in the community.

Employment and Training Association Contact:
Dynae Saba (608) 242-4556